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3440 Reviews

  • Intuitive Body Scan
  • Vitality Session with YBP Healer– 30 minutes
  • Results Chart

Price: $875 - less $77 Intuitive Scan = $797, per area, gland, organ


Results oriented – Package takes up to 30 days

SomniFix Mouth Strips

12-week pack (84 strips in a pack)

3440 Reviews

  • Promote nose breathing
  • Reduce open-mouth snoring
  • Boost CPAP exprerience
  • Improve sleep quality

Price: $55.97 USD

Choose your pack: 12-week pack

  • 4 out of 5 customers say they sleep better using SomniFix
  • Hypoallergenic and good for sensitive skin
  • Does not block breathing
  • CPAP-friendly with nasal mask or nasal pillows

$55.97 USD

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Ship to: United States

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“Worry Lines Melting Away From My Face!”

"You have to Do this to Believe it. No Hype, No Promises, just OVER the TOP DELIVERY! I’m blown away at the Results I’m seeing daily: Worry Lines Melting from my Face, Getting Compliments on my ‘Glow’, and a general improvement overall that is hard to put a finger on exactly, a New Me for sure!"

Gail L.

“Look Younger Without Beauty Tips From Magazines!”

“What if you Didn’t Do the Beauty Tricks & Tips they Preach about in Magazines, and Just Follow the Easy Steps in Marlene’s Accelerated Healing System? You’d be Feeling & Looking Younger, Just like ME!"

~ Tammy W. ON

“Tears From Extreme Happiness at Seeing Myself in the Mirror!”

"Lines were Horrible on my Face!! I knew these couldn’t be Natural, since others my age don’t have anything remotely as bad.

Marlene found things in my Genes related to ancestors, and that seemed to be a real BIG one for me!

Then the Activation you did for me was nothing short of a MIRACLE!! I understand that the physical wrinkle may take some 3D time to dissipate and relax, but I saw changes the next morning! I also saw tears coming from my eyes, but this time it was from extreme happiness at seeing myself in the Mirror!

What a dramatic shift, so excited to do more! Keep it coming Marlene, LOVE it!"

~ Gina T.

“I’m a hard case but Marlene got to the heart and soul of my problem!”

The generosity of what you put in this Program is unlike anything I have purchased in the past.

It’s not a bunch of Do It Yourself audios that confuse me. You explained what was going to happen, things to look for, how long it took, etc.

I love your ability to create breakthroughs, this hasn’t happened for me, I’m a hard case generally, but WOW, you got to the heart and soul of my problem and I feel so relieved!

And what a bargain, have I mentioned that?? Love this, love you!"

~ Pamela S.

“Marlene is the Wonder Woman of the new age of beauty!”

“Who knew you could do this? Everything I’ve read or seen, or experienced was from a product I bought, figured out how to use, took the time to apply it daily and then mustered up the willpower to stick with it.

You caught my attention on a show and I wondered if this is possible? I had just enough hope left to get the package and to my delight! It wasn’t the same old, same old! Marlene, you are the Wonder woman of the New Age of Beauty!"

~ Sue B.

“I saw great progress after my session with Marlene! I am a lifetime fan!”

“Marlene is the best! I saw great progress. I also had a private session where everything was addressed and I noticed that I have been feeling so much better since! I’m a lifetime fan and will continue to participate in these amazing clearings!"

~ Erin B.

“Experienced physical regeneration which allows for a richer, fuller and more vibrant life!”

“Working with Marlene has been a tremendous blessing. Her ability to tune in to the quantum field is extraordinary and can be felt energetically in each session.

I experienced major emotional shifts almost immediately following our sessions in areas which had been constricted for years.

The sense of clearing has been palpable and has provided deep healing. In addition to profound emotional changes, I have also experienced physical regeneration which is allowing for a richer, fuller, and more vibrant life.

Marlene is truly a modern day miracle worker and I am deeply grateful for her presence. I look forward to continuing our healing journey."

~ LCB, Pennsylvania

“I noticed a very distinct difference with Marlene’s healings!”

“I have had a lot of different energy healings many of which were subtle and I didn't really notice much difference. However with Marlene’s healings I did notice a very distinct difference.

After your infection clearing my sinus condition got much better, and when I get it now it’s milder, just for a couple of days instead of lasting weeks. When I contacted you and you did a little extra work, the severe head pain disappeared immediately. That was pretty impressive and I was very grateful.

I also noticed after doing your Pineal healing that for the past Month or longer I have been feeling quite peaceful and happy in spite of being pretty much locked up in my house in the hot Florida weather.

It’s been amazing to just feel content and centered with so much bad news swirling all around me.I really appreciate that."

~ Evelyn H.

“I’m gaining back my life!”

“I was having a lot of issues with my hormones, fatigue and low immunity. During the calls and sessions with Marlene I could feel things were shifting and I felt a lot of release. My energy is much better now and I'm slowly gaining back my life! Thank you Marlene!"

~ Gertrude d.

“Went from feeling rundown to feeling in vibrant health”

“Was feeling run down when I started, but feel as if my immune system has perked up and has stayed healthy! Also, elimination organs, particularly the colon, is working better! Thanks for your work, Marlene!

UPDATE: Went from feeling rundown to feeling in vibrant health. Elimination and skin issues improved. During one-on-one, touched on an issue from childhood that was affecting me -- very moving. Thank you Marlene!"

~ Anne D.

“I feel younger!”

I feel younger, and have noticed a big improvement in bladder function. The scores for the adrenals and immune system have really come up. I find Marlene to be very thorough, well-organized, and supportive."

~ Jeanne M.

“Feeling better, happier and with more energy!”

“Marlene is an effective healer with a no nonsense approach. I started working with her at the beginning of the year and witnessed a Lot of positive results! Without going into details regarding each organ and system, it’s like getting a tune-up for your car, but in this case it’s for your entire body!

I am since feeling better, happier, with more energy and will to do things that I have been procrastinating about. Just as importantly, my frequency of vibration has gone up Significantly since I started working with Marlene and that to me is a monumental achievement! Thank you."

~ Vlad T

“My health is getting better every day!”

“Marlene is wonderful to work with. She has been steadily increasing my numbers and finding all pertinent information regarding the myriad of ailments I had going on. Health is better every day. Its been such a blessing. Glad I found her when I did. Thank you!!!"

~ C.N.

“I have a clearer mind with less stress and have had the best sleep at night since!!!”

“Marlene upgraded my master cell of my glands which supports several hormones in my body. I have a clearer mind with less stress and have had the best sleep at night since!!! This is all controlled by hormones controlled by the glands. I highly recommend Marlene! Thank you again!"

~ Cari D.

“Marlene cleared my excess mucus and chest irritation that I was unable to shift for 2 years!”

“I came to Marlene’s work with a low grade sinus infection, leading to excess mucus and chest irritation/cough, which I had been unable to shift in 2 years. Her program was exactly what I needed! I am now clear of the excess mucus and chest irritation/cough. Such a relief. I have also been able to look into and start clearing the root of another issue in a private session. This is exactly what I want to be doing, and I highly recommend a session with Marlene."

~ Annette K.

“I actually started reversing my age!”

“I had been to several doctors for my symptoms, I had very low energy, I felt tired and worn down by the middle of the day, my whole body was sluggish, my skin got dry and more wrinkles started appearing, the medications the doctors were giving me made me emotional and occasionally I’d skip taking them because I became more forgetful, and to top it off my hair started falling out in clumps!

I used to be very attractive, and then one day I just didn’t see it on my face in the mirror anymore, how depressing! When I began with Marlene I felt hopeless and weak. Within a few days I noticed some of my energy return! That gave me a flicker of hope, and over the next few days and weeks I turned the corner and started coming back to not only the person I had been, but I actually started reversing my age!

I saw changes on my skin, it wasn’t as dry, my hair stopped falling out, my brain fog lifted, I could see things more clearly, and I dropped a few pounds I had been carrying around, and my mood instantly improved! People asked me what I was doing because they wanted some of what I was taking!

I’m laughing and happy again, and best of all I like the woman I see in the mirror now, my “pretty” returned and my husband is sure noticing the improvement too! Ha ha! I can’t say enough good things, I’m just so happy now, thank you so much!"

~ Bev S. MN

“I feel more energized! I got up the last couple days on the first alarm!”

“I was on an adrenals upgrade session with Marlene because I had experienced extreme fatigue and tiredness between work, family and running errands. It was all I could do to get out of bed lately. This session with Marlene clearing and upgrading my glands has allowed me to get up the last couple days on the first alarm to get up ready to face the day. I feel more energized. I appreciate Marlene and cannot wait for more sessions with her on other parts of my body. She really takes her time and explains all she is doing so I can understand. Thank you Marlene!! I look forward to our next session!!"

~ Judy A.

“I Actually Started Reversing My Age!”

“When I began with Marlene I felt hopeless and weak. Within a few days I noticed some of my energy return! That gave me a flicker of hope, and over the next few days and weeks I turned the corner and started coming back to not only the person I had been, but I actually started reversing my age! I saw changes on my skin, it wasn’t as dry, my hair stopped falling out, my brain fog lifted, I could see things more clearly, and I dropped a few pounds I had been carrying around, and my mood instantly improved!"

~ Bev S. MN

“I Look Amazing AND My Body Adjusted Back To What It Was Over A Decade Ago, This Is AMAZING!!!”

“You are the best! When I had lab work prior to starting the program my thyroid hormones were tanked, I had a problem with my insulin and high blood pressure. Now, I look amazing first of all, and my body adjusted back to what it was over a decade ago, this is amazing!! Thank you!"

~ Wilma V., Myrtle Beach SC

“Looking And Feeling Great Is Now Effortless!”

“It’s like I’m not 100% accountable anymore! No one is hounding me to do anything. Easiest thing there is! Marlene pretty much does everything and I get the compliments from my husband on how good I look, Lol!"

~ Becky B.

“I Haven’t Weighed This Little Since High School!”

“I was sick of being embarrassed of myself and hiding, now I have been raving to my friends and coworkers that if it wasn't for Marlene’s program I would have never lost the weight that I have. I haven’t weighed this little since high school!"

~ Syndee J. HK

“I Dropped 2 Dress Sizes, My Hormones Balanced Out.”

“I was looking to kick start my metabolism to drop some extra weight when I started this and now look at me! I dropped 2 dress sizes, my hormones balanced out, I bought an RV, and I’m enjoying my life now!"

~ Trude B., SD

“I Feel Energetic, No Fatigue.”

“Wow. I do feel better. I feel light and walked with a spring to my step into the grocery store. I feel happy!!!! I feel energetic, no fatigue. I feel like I can take on anything! I no longer fear the plane ride. I feel a warming around me like you're hugging me. That's a huge feeling! I feel safe! Thank you so much!!! I love you!!"

~ Laurie W.

“Tiredness gone, I'm full of energy walking 5 miles a day now”

“My hands and feet aren’t cold all the time anymore, and I don’t feel tired like I used to. Now I’m walking 5 miles a day, 4-5x/week, and have more energy to do it now. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done"

~ Nikki A. CO

“I am full of energy like a 20-year-old and I just avoided old age!”

“YES! I have the energy of a 20 year old again and I just turned 50 last month! That tired sad look I wore on my face is GONE! I’m sleeping a full 8 hours now all at one time, all night long, talk about feeling ALIVE Again, WHEW!! That was a close one, I just avoided old age!! YES!"

~ Pam G. NV

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